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Mobile Phone Number *

Do you have an ABN? *

All Shofer Franchisees must have an ABN before starting their Franchise.
Is your ABN registered for GST? *

All ABN's must be registered for GST prior to starting their Franchise.
Do you have a valid National Police Clearance? *

All Shofer Franchisees must provide a valid (created in last 6 months) a National Police Certificate
Do you have a full C class Western Australian Driver's license? *

On your license it should display a C or a C-A (If you have a truck license, answer yes here)
Do you have an F or T Extension on your driver's license? *

All Shofer Driver's must have a valid F or T extension prior to starting their Franchise.
Why do you want to join Shofer? *

It is important for us to know - what is your motivation for wanting to join Shofer?
Are you interested in a Part Time or Full Time Franchise? *

On a scale of 0 - 5 What is your knowledge of the Perth Metro Area? *

0 meaning no knowledge at all, 5 being that you have a lot of metro area knowledge. (Means do you know your way around Perth streets.)
Please describe an example of what it means to provide great customer service. *

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